Staging Your Home for the Fall Season


If you’re in a hot real estate market like Austin, TX where the September 2018 Austin Business Journal reported that “there were 3,034 sales of single-family homes across the five-country metro last month as the median price increased to $322,478, up 8.2 percent year over year and that's the second-highest median price ever recorded in the metro, according to the Austin American-Statesman,” maybe you don’t have to worry about staging your home even if you are selling during the winter. If you are located in a steadier housing market like San Antonio, however, selling during the fall season means you have missed prime time, and you need to make your property look its finest inside and out.

Curb Appeal Sells Homes

The clichés apply here, because first impressions can indeed be lasting. After a long day of viewing properties, homes may tend to blend together, and prospective buyers are fatigued. If your home presents with some broken garbage containers at the curb, a load of overgrown foundation plantings, and a brown lawn mottled with a few dandelions, buyers may tell their agent to keep driving.  A well-maintained and nicely landscaped yard can solve this problem because if your property looks spectacular from the outside, it will get more showings inside.

What It Could Be

Maybe you bought your house as a fixer-upper and were able to envision what it could be. Not everyone thinks like that though, and staging can let buyers know exactly what they could do with your property. Maybe they always wanted a fitness room but could never make it happen. If you have a spare room and you stage it with some nice fitness equipment, that small step may make the difference between a cross-off-the-list and a second look.

Clean It

Part of proper staging is of course cleanliness and order, and sometimes professional help is needed in this area. Even a slightly soiled comforter on a bed can turn off prospective buyers, but a pro cleaning service can ensure that your property presents correctly. The couple hundred-dollar fee they may charge is many times highly worth it.

Justify That Price

If you are asking $350,000 for your home and it’s nicely landscaped, looks clean, but is empty and barren inside, that can be a detriment. Your potential buyers may have just left a $250,000 listing that was much smaller and older, but it had new furniture, a technology room, and was generally warm and inviting. If your home seems cold and stark, that can negate all of the work you have done to improve the landscaping and even cause prospective buyers to overlook general cleanliness as they possibly may think your property looks sterile.

If you are unsure exactly how to stage your home, there are many service providers that can help you. If you are making it a DIY project, try to match the furnishings with the likely demographics of the purchasers, especially if they’re first-time buyers. Remember, however, to pay special attention to the exterior features, because that is what buyers see first.

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