Some Affordable Smart Home ideas

Home Improvement

Try upgrading your property with Smart Home Technology. Nowadays everyone’s talking about smart home products. We’ve all seen how we can run all of our home’s systems from our phones, remotely talk to delivery persons through a doorbell, and order pizza from a virtual assistant.

The only problem is that this stuff can get really expensive, especially if you’re constantly spending money on other home repairs that are constantly costing you money.

Luckily, there are ways you can enter the smart generation without paying stupidly high prices. Here are some great value smart home options that will help to add value to your real estate or apartment.

Smart Plugs and Outlets

For around $39 you can turn any receptacle into a smart plug; then you can remotely control any device that’s plugged into it. We’re talking turning on and turning off of course, but it could be used for your computer, washer, dryer, and we’re sure you could think of many more.

There is also a thermal protection program built in, and this little item will sense if something plugged into it is overheating. Not bad for under 40 bucks. Your tenants or buyers will love that you’ve already installed smart plugs and outlets to make their lives much easier!

Smart Hubs

These things can connect varied home systems from thermostats to lighting to even garage doors. It’s a great place to start, and it sells for under $50. Manufacturers of these products say, “These Hubs allows your diverse collection of smart products to speak the same wireless language, so that you can easily control them—and customize their interactions—from an app.”

Installing a smart hub into your home prior to selling will be a great upgrade and selling point. Buyers or tenants will love the fact that they already have technology installed and won’t need to spend a penny of their own money on this.

Motion Sensors and Monitors

For around $50, these products can monitor whether your apartment windows are open or closed. Remember the OnStar commercial where the dude remotely locked the car as he assured his wife that he had already done so, but had left his apartment windows open? OnStar wasn’t going to help him there, but smart monitors and sensors can help you ensure that everything is secure before you leave on vacation. This is feature that buyers and tenants will love. They’ll feel secure and safe at home because of these smart home technology products you’ve already installed.

Smart Deadbolts

This one seems quite simple, but it’s very helpful. For under $40 you can get a lock that allows you to have a code you can use when you have to replace the key. You can do this online: “Select "Keyed Alike" to use the same key on multiple locks, "Keyed Different" for unique keys, or enter a key code (Typically a 5-digit number) to match this lock to pre-owned locks.” It’s pretty basic, but can save some real hassle if you’re locked out and have lost your key.


It’s Just Smarter

Let’s face it, the world is going smart, and it would be well worth your time to save some dollars to eventually pair all of your home’s systems with your mobile device.

Whether you’re living in a San Antonio home and you’re looking to sell; or you’re a landlord of a small city Cincinnati apartment with rent prices on the rise, there’s always going to huge value in adding smart home technology to your place.

Also, remember that since technology changes quickly, it may be a good idea to start cheap. Those that bought the then-fancy giant and expensive deadbolts that opened with a four-digit code now may not be very happy that they have to replace their locks so that they can interface with their phones.

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