San Antoinio Was Recognized Nationally in 2016


The city of San Antonio has racked up quite a few honors from national lists and major publications all last year during 2016. Many San Antonio residents know that the place they call home is special, but it’s always nice to see the city make headlines. Here are a few of San Antonio’s top honors from 2016:

  • Travel and Leisure Magazine ranked San Antonio as the #1 Friendliest City in America, beating out Houston as well as Madison, Wisconsin and Knoxville, Tennessee for the top spot.
  • Travel and Leisure Magazine also ranked San Antonio as the 2nd Most Friendly city in America.
  • San Antonio topped Military Times’ list of the Best Large Cities for Veterans to Live In at #4!
  • A study completed by found that San Antonio is the 5th Best Big City for New Grads.
  • San Antonio is also a mecca for business. The city was ranked 9th for Entrepreneurial Business Growth.
  • San Antonio ranked 14th in Value Penguin’s Best Cities for Young Families. This is great news for the city as well as for all those planning to buy or to sell in the near future.

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